Project Description

Angel Bottley


Angel, a Solihull based artist, specialises in creating art which captures the imagination and draws in the viewer. Following graduation from BCU she has worked with the RSC in Stratford, the REp Theatre in Birmingham and Cadbury World, creating large scale theatrical special effects work. Her acclaimed exhibition in 2014-2015 at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Think Tank “The Life and Death of Stars” used Violet special effects and vast scale to great effect.

Angel has continued to experiment with different wavelengths of light, precious metals and mixed media to capture the interplay between the light and dust clouds of the Universe and the elements as they appear on Earth.

These ideas are brought together in this collection of Starscapes, Landscapes and Seascapes. These subjects have since prehistoric times given rise to feelings of awe and wonder in human beings and still enchant, puzzle and inspire us today; not just by their visual nature, but also because of their interconnection with the very definition of the universe and our place in it.

A glance across a horizon from a high vantage point such as a cliff face or the gorge of an ancient valley, or, on a clear, dark night, a gaze up at the constellations of the Cosmos, provides us with panoramic vistas that conjure feelings of intense beauty and wonderment, when confronted with their majesty.

Angel’s choice of materials is truly innovative. Materials such as; painting on titanium, aluminium and even the incorporation of precious metals including gold, silver and minerals such as crushed diamond and lapis lazuli in her work. The use of ultraviolet special effects to create a strikingly different painting in various lighting or darkness revealing a new emotion within the piece each time.  Notice how the pictures change as you move around them.

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