Project Description

Ann Richmond


As a few long-standing collectors of mine will know, I started off my practice as a wildlife sculptor and worked for over twenty years as a commercial artist… But when that came to an end, I instinctively turned to painting and embraced the challenge of a steep learning curve!

The key that unlocked the work for me, lay in approaching each new piece with a single objective: capturing something of each animal’s ‘soul’, rather than producing yet another work of photo-realism. To that end, I research each new subject extensively, aiming to find the ‘look’ that best encapsulates the inspiration – or emotion – that I’m looking for.

The strand in which I work – ‘Magic Realism’ – combines the rigours of conventional wildlife painting, with a degree of free expression and fantastical invention that acts as a ‘secret pressure valve’. It helps me let-off creative steam whilst building my own unique, private universe.

I have to say, that as the world of my imagining has expanded, with each new picture referencing others in some way, I haven’t looked back. I only hope you find as much joy looking at the work, as I’ve been lucky to find in their creation…

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